Taking a crack at romance

I wrote my first romance/sci-fi book titled Tears For Rose. Where it can be a stand-alone book, it is part of a five book series with the fifth book being the actual version of this woman Rose Harrison’s life. The previous books will give hints as to what is going on in her life but not everything will necessarily be true. And the sci-fi aspect grows steadily with each installment. I will be listing each book on Amazon as a stand-alone, but I would recommend reading all of them to find the clues about who she really is and what is really happening to her.

Here is a small excerpt from Tears For Rose.

Julian insisted on driving me home in my car because he thought I should spend the time on my phone typing things for my book. I can’t get over how thoughtful, insightful, and helpful he is.

I notice that Julian is not into listening to music while driving, which benefits me since I need to concentrate on writing. But as we enter upstate New York, I crave sound. I will have to talk to him. “I promise it will only be a week. I understand you have commitments to your father’s business and to your own life, so I won’t keep you longer than I need to.”

“I said yes to coming. I practically suggested it, didn’t I? So if I want to stay longer, I shall. No trouble, really.”

“It’s very quiet where I live.”

“Good. I prefer the solitude.”

“Let’s get this out of the way now, before it becomes an issue at a later time.”

He smirks, as if he knows what I’m going to say. Then he says, “I understand, Rose. And I can promise that it will be professional.”

Well, what do I say to that? I had a whole speech prepared. I guess he expected me to assume that some sex would happen, but he doesn’t seem enthralled with the idea of me and him running around my house having sex in every corner. Why am I even thinking that? “I just don’t want our signals getting crossed. I promise I won’t even hug you again, until you leave.”

He laughs. “You amaze me. You think I am interested in spending the week with you to have some romance, but you couldn’t be more wrong. I have given up on romance and have no interest in making a new one.”

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