The Silver Lining Along A Dusty Path

A lot of people said I was crazy to want to be a writer, and maybe we are all crazy for wanting to be anything, but alas, storytelling is what is bouncing around inside me. A lot of famous writers struggled before making a real living off writing. The reason for failure is because you didn’t believe success was possible. If anyone discourages you, realize they are probably jealous of your talent, or they are just jealous in general and wish they were doing what they dreamed but never believed they could. 

Good things come to those who wait. Just remember, you can write a million books, maybe only a few will ever be read my the masses, but at least you wrote them. That’s half the battle. Most writers never write a single book. The story plays out in their minds but they never extract it. Some writers write a book and never publish it. Afraid of criticism. Get over it. Not everyone is born to love your work. Some writers publish their book and become depressed because it isn’t selling. Get over it. Find ways to reach more people. Create a fanbase beforehand or create a fanbase right after your launch. In this era, the options for reaching millions of people is one click away. And if you’re struggling still, remember that at one time, your favorite author or director thought they’d never make it, and now they are on top of the world. Don’t believe in luck. Believe in yourself to fight through the obstacles and be heard.

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