Why I don’t get much writing done

I have to blame YouTube and Facebook for this. Sort of. Where it isn’t directly those two sites that are to blame, it’s definitely a dangerous addiction, especially YouTube. And my writing has suffered tremendously. I don’t read as much as I used to either. I don’t know what the attraction is exactly, but it’s an attraction nonetheless. Facebook is like a disease as well, but it’s the best outlet for connecting with others that do what I do, and friends. If I was to get paid to go on YouTube daily, I’d be richer than Bill Gates. No joke. That’s how much time I spend on YouTube in a day. I could say I wake up to it and fall asleep to it.

It’s sad because all these people on YouTube are doing these amazing things. Creating something from nothing. All the things I want to do and all I do is watch them do it. I sit and scroll and type in the search box. I should be one of those creative people, showing off what I can do, but I’m not. I don’t. Maybe it’s a lack of personal motivation or maybe it’s because no one has ever cheered me on and supported me emotionally towards my goals. I hope to have all my stories out there soon for people to read. I like engaging people to open their minds. It’s not good to live inside a bubble. No matter how safe the bubble is. 

One thought on “Why I don’t get much writing done

  1. Youtube is addicting, as is Facebook. One thing I’ve noticed that can help you motivate yourself to write is using things like the stats here on WordPress or on Tumblr. Each interactive thing that happens on your blog gives you a small hit of dopamine, and it’s not easy to be satisfied with just a little bit of interaction. If your brain likes the blog-interaction-type of psychological boosts, that can help you switch your interest from consumer to producer!

    Another thing I’d suggest to jump-start your creative side is to participate in things like the Carrot Ranch 99-word flash fictions (http://carrotranch.com/) that happen every week. Just check out the rules and the blog, and you’ll meet a lot of really encouraging people there. It’s run by Charli Mills, and she’s got a lot of writing experience.

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