Character Profiles (Damien Calla)

A lot of writers like to plan out all their book, including backstories, and character profiles so you can better understand the character. Here is Damien Calla’s profile. Name: Damien Calla. Age: 32. Nationality: Unknown. Hometown: The Northern Kingdom (over a hundred thousand years ago). Occupation: Investor/Entrepreneur. Talents/skills: Mysterious, handsome (those two things are enough … More Character Profiles (Damien Calla)

2 books short timeline

I have two sequels planned for my Damien Calla series. Both are coming out this year.  Here is an excerpt from Illuminated Darkness: The Divinity of Damien Calla Book Two “I watched you for a long time now. You were clever to align yourself with the one person who could secure your freedom a little … More 2 books short timeline