Titles and Synopsis

First book from one of the boxed sets.

The Crimson Shadow

Synopsis: Dr. Falcon is the best neurosurgeon that New York Presbyterian Hospital can ask for. But he has one secret that unfortunately Sally, the new RN, stumbles upon accidentally. During a trip to the morgue, Sally finds Dr. Falcon and a man dressed in a pure white suit with a red light pulsating around him. As they are standing over a translucent body, the head comes into focus and shakes uncontrollably, until it locks eyes with Sally. Horror strikes her heart as she realizes it’s her ex-boyfriend who died and was buried ten years ago.

The second book from another boxed set due out around April

Enter the Vale: The Twin Lands

Sometimes the dark and the light share the same path. 

Synopsis: The Vale has opened once more for Andrea. Her best friend Wesley has warned her about going through that portal again, letting herself be tempted by the darkness that waits to consume her.
With her heart tainted by love and mystery, she cannot resist the desire to be in the arms of her lover. For it is only in the Vale that she can feel his touch and live the adventures she has dreamt of.




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