2 books short timeline

I have two sequels planned for my Damien Calla series. Both are coming out this year. 

Here is an excerpt from Illuminated Darkness: The Divinity of Damien Calla Book Two

“I watched you for a long time now. You were clever to align yourself with the one person who could secure your freedom a little longer. But, Damien, you now realize that you can no longer hide from your fate. The decision has been made. You are coming with me.”

“I am not going to be a toy that you can make dance or that you can pull apart to delight you.”

“You are not going to make them change their mind.”

“I know something that you don’t know.” She raised her eyebrows. She was curious but knew she had the upper hand. “The loophole that you found, actually goes against all their laws and when a law is broken in the divine world, you don’t just die because of it. You cease to exist all together.” She pulled her lips together with desperation and anger. “So, you still want to try and take me?”

She was far from defeated. If anything, the dark god had more tricks up her sleeve that he couldn’t possibly fathom. “I see that I will have to resort to other means to make you see how inevitable your arrival will be in my world.” With a gust of wind and the sweet aroma of cherries, the dark god vanished.

Damien suddenly knew what she was going to do. “Annabel. She is going after Annabel.”


Here is an excerpt from Dark Reign: The Divinity of Damien Calla Book Three

Damien ran his finger along the wall full of rotting scales and burned flesh. It’s something he knew would happen if he failed–and fail he did. He came upon the black throne. Sitting up there on its mountain of ash and forever tormented souls. Everything he loved was taken. He deserve the dismal view.

A light broke through the dark and thick smog. A familiar face. Damien almost shit himself. “Sebastian?”

“You don’t want to know what I had to do to get down here. Come on. The window is only open for a short time. Long enough for you to rectify the mistakes you’ve made.”

Damien had allowed despair to settle in his bones. It made a comfortable home there. “What’s the point?”

“To, for once, right the wrong. You’ve done a lot of wrong. And… I miss you. You’ve left me all the problems that you should have fixed before you decided to take a vacation.”

“You think this is a vacation?” His voice thundered throughout the corridor. It echoed far and wide. It even made the black throne shake.

“She misses you as well. You won’t believe what Crispin has done. He has broken her heart.”

“Then break his neck.” Damien walked away.

“Asha will try again. And she will succeed. Annabel won’t get free like last time.”

Damien turned around. “More loopholes?”

“No, she has a legit excuse. Mortals that have been tainted by anyone that isn’t meant to share their powers will automatically be taken to the Nether. Annabel has been touched by a certain someone, not to mention what Damnation and Faith have done to her. And Tabitha. Word got back to them upstairs about what Tabitha did to Annabel. Damien, this can only be fixed by you. You have to come back with me.”

Damien walked over and hugged his brother. “I can’t leave you alone with anything. Let’s go. If I stay down here any longer I may actually lose my mind entirely.”



So that’s the teasers for the sequels and I hope that you will buy the books when they are released. If anything, have sympathy for poor Damien. He may be rough around the edges sometimes, but his fierce loyalty to those he loves is what helps him conquer the evil that festers deep within him.


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  1. NICE! I like reading books where the challenge(s)forces the hero to do what should’ve been done, but wasn’t. You got me hooked, I need the fix!

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