Character Profiles (Damien Calla)

A lot of writers like to plan out all their book, including backstories, and character profiles so you can better understand the character. Here is Damien Calla’s profile.

Name: Damien Calla.

Age: 32.

Nationality: Unknown.

Hometown: The Northern Kingdom (over a hundred thousand years ago).

Occupation: Investor/Entrepreneur.

Talents/skills: He is faster than an average human, stronger, and his five senses are exceptional. He is a very good horse rider.

Siblings: Valmont and Sebastian. All one year apart.

Spouse/significant other: Well, you could say Annabel, but not getting into that.

Height: 5’11” Weight: 160lbs, slim but muscular. Eye color: Dark blue. Hair color: Dark brown. Skin color: normal complexion. Style: Jeans, diamonds on his black boots, and long sleeved black shirts.

Mannerisms: angry, depressed, and distrusts everyone.

Bad/good habits: Has a bad habit of trusting the wrong people. Has a good habit of putting family before anything which can be a bad habit as well.

Hobbies: Painting, reading, horse back-riding.

Greatest flaw: His loyalty.

Best quality: His loyalty.

Strengths: His determination.

Weaknesses: His family and Annabel.

Introvert or Extrovert: A little bit of both.

How does Damien deal with anger: He faces it head on.

How does Damien deal with loss: He gets even.

What would Damien like to change in his life: Everything.

What frightens Damien: Losing Annabel.

What makes Damien happy: Animals, his peace and quiet, and Annabel.

What is Damien’s most prized possession: His ring and his journal.

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