Character Profiles (Damien Calla)

A lot of writers like to plan out all their book, including backstories, and character profiles so you can better understand the character. Here is Damien Calla’s profile.

Name: Damien Calla.

Age: 32.

Nationality: Unknown.

Hometown: The Northern Kingdom (over a hundred thousand years ago).

Occupation: Investor/Entrepreneur.

Talents/skills: Mysterious, handsome (those two things are enough to manipulate anyone and he uses them well). He is faster than an average human, stronger, and his five senses are exceptional. He is a very good horse rider.

Siblings: Valmont and Sebastian. All one year apart.

Spouse/significant other: Well, you could say Annabel, but not getting into that.

Height: 5’11” Weight: 160lbs, slim but muscular. Eye color: Dark blue. Hair color: Dark brown. Skin color: normal complexion. Style: Jeans, diamonds on his black boots, and long sleeved black shirts.

Mannerisms: angry, depressed, and distrusts everyone.

Bad/good habits: Has a bad habit of trusting the wrong people. Has a good habit of putting family before anything which can be a bad habit as well.

Hobbies: Painting, reading, horse back-riding.

Greatest flaw: His loyalty.

Best quality: His loyalty.

Strengths: His determination.

Weaknesses: His family and Annabel.

Introvert or Extrovert: A little bit of both.

How does Damien deal with anger: He faces it head on.

How does Damien deal with loss: He gets even.

How does Damien deal with sadness: He finds something to be happy about.

How does Damien deal with conflict: He resolves the issue.

How does Damien deal with change: He accepts it but with small steps.

What would Damien like to change in his life: Everything.

What frightens Damien: Losing Annabel.

What makes Damien happy: Animals, his peace and quiet, and Annabel.

What is Damien’s most prized possession: His ring and his journal.

His main motivation is to have peace and quiet until he is collected and sent to either live out his existence in heaven or hell. He sees himself as more of a cursed being rather than blessed. He does not see himself as handsome as everyone else does and prefers to not be judged by his looks or wealth.


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