The Last Excerpt

It’s time to give up the last excerpt for the Damien Calla series. I am not going to say if it is from the 2nd or 3rd book. You will just have to read them to find out. Here it is.

Damien walked the halls of his house for what seemed like the last time. He couldn’t be certain of his return. The echoes of the past bounced back and forth with each step. A reminder of what he was leaving behind. This would be his final step. After which, if he did succeed, all would be balanced. He’d save Annabel, he’d free Sebastian, and even Valmont would have what he desired. Damien felt he owed his brothers more than he gave them. He allowed them to live past the normal years of a mortal. They never wanted that. In truth, he didn’t want that for himself. He had to make it right.

He went into his study. Sat down on the chaise that he and Annabel shared so many moments with. If Annabel had been around during his mortal years, he would have let his father die. That foolish man begged for disaster through blind eyes. Damien could have lived a wonderful life with Annabel and his brothers at his side. Now he could only offer her immortality. If she chose to be with him forever. He can’t be sure what she will decide. He only knows she is close to making a decision. She told him that running from it, hiding from the inevitable was pointless. He accepted his fate. He knew where he had to go, not where he was chosen to go. In one way he had achieved control over his fate. But that was only because of the service he did for the gods. The Divine owed him a lot. And for his service, they were including Annabel. They were going to give her immortality to reward him.

The doors to the study creaked. He jumped up.

“I preferred you when you were wearing the disguise. Tell me, Damnation, am I worthy of this realm I am going to? Will my success also be my failure?”

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  1. Interesting. It seems Damien will do WHATEVER it takes to keep Annabel in his life. Hopefully, whatever it is won’t backfire on him, and cause harm to BOTH of them.

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