Last Blog Post for 2018

I have a few projects. I have my Damien Calla series that will come to a close, most likely at the end of this year and into the very beginning of the new year. It’s hard to let go of something, like a book that you wrote. But all good things come to an end, as they say.

My next series will be The Twin Lands. It’s a dark-fantasy story, obviously, and it’s about a woman named Andrea who has an unique connection to a mysterious land. This other world is like a mirror of the real world, yet it is so different. Her best friend Wesley doesn’t want her going into the other world, and of course when she doesn’t listen, he is forced to save her. But don’t think that he is all cupcakes and lollipops. He has a darkness in him that is going to surprise you. My plan is to make this a 4 book series, although it could end up being 5.

Another series I aim to finish is The Life of Rose. There is to be 5 books in total and I believe it’ll be my last time writing romance. Although I do have a story I am collaborating on with a friend, but as far as my own books, I will not do anymore romance.

Another series that I plan to work on in between The Twin Lands series is a 6 book series whose title will go unnamed for now. Because… it’s meant to be a surprise. It deals with a group of cities/kingdoms that don’t realize how insignificant they are to the world, but are incredibly important to each other. The beings that oversee and determine everything that happens, are forced to reveal things they were rather leave unsaid. That’s all I’m saying about this for now.

Another series that I am excited to write is about a guy who becomes a traveler through time. Now he’s not exactly a time traveler, because he can’t jump into the past or the future. The worlds he visits are kind of trapped in a certain time. More to be said at a later date. This is planned as a 5 book series I believe.

And lastly, there are some other things I’m tinkering around with. They’ll all become something, but right now I haven’t got much to say. I have all these other stories to write. I do plan to finish as much of these series as I can. I have wasted a lot of time this year. Maybe it was the best idea to not force these stories. Maybe I had to wait to finish them. All things happen for a reason. Since Christmas falls on a Tuesday and that is when I write my blogs, I am not going to write one for Christmas. However, New Years Day does fall on a Tuesday so there will be a new blog post then. So this is my last blog for 2018.

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  1. Sounds like you’ve got more than a FULL plate ahead of you! The stories you have coming up seem like things I’d like to read, so I will be watching for any and all books by you that get published.

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