A New Day

The best kinds of stories are told when you put the least amount of effort in. The reason is because if you are doing all the work, then you aren’t telling the story true to its heart. When you let the story talk to you, then you are being faithful to its contents. Don’t rush stories. They need to take their own pace.

I decided to make this blog post about identifying inspiration and how we sometimes get sidetracked with our hopes and dreams and life goals. Not all life goals are tangible. People often say that inspiration shook them suddenly out of a deep sleep, or took them by surprise when they entered the room. The truth is we are inspired by every corner of life. Things touch us without us even realizing it. The people we meet, the places we visit, and the surroundings we invade–it’s all inspiring us to do better and sometimes to do worse.

If you go chasing after dreams, you’ll find that they are invisible to see and invisible to touch. Because you can’t see dreams and you can’t touch dreams. Rather than chasing dreams, be what you want to be. Don’t call it your dream job. Make it your job. Don’t keep saying that you want to be doing this and then list all the reasons you can’t, or list all the reasons you should. Now you’re just stalling. Simply make it happen by doing it. If you fail, that doesn’t kill your inspiration or aspiration. We are meant to climb our invisible hurtles and mountains. Those blockades purposely jump into our lives to see how much we want something. If you want something bad enough, you find a way to get it. People that let the blockades build and get out of control, are to blame for not achieving their goals. And goal is such a silly word. Don’t set goals. That runs along the line of dreams. Set targets. A target is something that you can see, something that you can touch. Set your mind on reaching targets.

When you set a target weight, you either achieve it or not. When you set a target spending limit, you either spend more or less. When you set a target destination, you either arrive or don’t. When you set a target walking distance, you either walk all the way or you don’t. Those are things that you can physically achieve. Leave the dreams to when you sleep. Leave the goals to float around in your mind. Because wishing and hoping isn’t going to get you there. Physically attack those dreams and goals by setting targets and aiming high to hit those targets. When it comes to writing books and wanting to be an author, give yourself targets. Tell yourself: I’m going to write 3 books in 6 months. That’s giving yourself 2 months for each book. Don’t dream about writing them. Don’t say my goal is to write 3 books in 6 months. Fucking write the damn books.

There’s nothing wrong with dreaming. Nothing wrong with having life goals. But you will notice that you become so absorbed in that state of mind, that you become lost in them. Be assertive. Maybe one day when we become immortal and can live forever, we can stay in our perpetual dream world.


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