The Boxed Set. YAY!!!!!

I am part of this amazing boxed set that features such talented authors. I encourage everyone to grab this collection and get lost in the adventures that lurk inside.

I have to say something about my book that is featured in here. Enter the Vale is my book and I plan to release a revised edition of it so that I can add the deleted content that I left out due to rushing to get the book done. It’s a bad habit of mine to rush my stories. I just wanted to add that little tidbit so that if you read my story and think something is missing, you are right to think so. I am working on getting better at pacing my writing and doing a better job at writing overall.

One thought on “The Boxed Set. YAY!!!!!

  1. I’m looking forward to the Anthology. I bet all the authors involved are putting their BEST into it. I hope it will be available in book form (hardcover or paperback), but if not, Kindle version will be fine. While I’m looking forward to reading all the stories, I’m ESPECIALLY looking forward to reading YOURS! It should be good.

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