BALANCE is key. The flip sides to life

Life can either empower you or diminish you. It depends on what comes your way and how you deal with it. If life is good to you, there is little need to be sad. If life is bad, there are always people who will say that you can turn it around. Well, life has two sides for a reason. There are good days and bad days. It’s called BALANCE. What is balance? Why do we need it? Think about it. If we were all good all the time, we would be stuck in this forever happiness. And where lots of people would agree that is not a bad thing, they’d be wrong. Being sad is actually a good thing. Chemicals are released during our moments of sadness and fright. So if we are just walking around smiling all the time because life is always good, we are actually doing harm to our bodies. It would be like engineering ourselves to never need food or drink. We just become breathing machines. A twisted version of a robot. That doesn’t sound very nice does it? To not really have a purpose anymore? Become a shell of a human being with no real human insides anymore. Emotions are what separates us from AI. It’s part of our DNA, what gives us purpose. 

Now if you look at the other side of life. Which if you are constantly feeling sad and feeling worthless all the time. That isn’t good, obviously. But it isn’t entirely bad. You will hear people say that it took them to get to the bottom of the barrel before they could pick themselves up. They had to lose it all to gain it all. There are always people who never crawl out of their sadness, just as there are people who may never dive under their happiness. Where you can argue it’s better to be forever happy than to be forever sad, this is where BALANCE makes the most sense. And it comes back to the chemicals we produce and the reasons behind those chemicals being necessary. Did you know that a good cry is recommended. Did you know that yelling and screaming actually reduces stress? Did you know that the happiest people are also the saddest people. Putting actual mental illnesses aside, you should strive to be both happy and sad. Understand that the bad days are the days where you need to find happiness, and the good days are the days where you need to find the sadness. Make every day a little bit of both. Because if you are prepared, you won’t be surprised when shit doesn’t go your way. People plan out their entire lives and when life decides to fuck it up, everyone jumps ship and loses their minds. If you are already prepared and set yourself up for the failures and disappointments that will come and go, you have already conquered the Twilight Zone that life is. 

Don’t fight the flip side of life. Embrace what is, what can be, and what will be. To be a conqueror you must first be the fallen.

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