Heir of Dragmoore

My newest series will be starting on March 19th. Hard at work making sure the story is good enough by then. It’s a special series for me to write because it’s the first time I’m tackling one of my favorite mythical creatures: Dragons. Well, I believe they are real or were real at one point.

Heir of Dragmoore is a journey of Talen, a young woman whose father is one of the Hunters (a special group of people who not only hunt for the king’s pleasure, but also keep the city/kingdom safe). She wants to become a master animal trainer, which is roughly someone who can train any animal regardless of its origins. The training process is done through talking to animals which basically tames them enough that they will listen to you. Talen can already speak to woodland animals, but when it is known that she can speak to at least one of the Wilderness animals, suspicion rises in her father and the kingdom’s Marksman (a man who trained the Hunters and who is the finest archer in the world). Talen wants to find the people who are known to be the only ones skilled in master animal training. They exist in the Veiled Haven. Not a place that many would ever venture to. Humans have not step foot in there in over a thousand years, and for good reason.

Prince Remy is a spoiled prince but his father’s love and respect is what he desires above all. If he could strip away his royal skin and drain his royal blood, he would. He likes having the perks of being a prince but deep down hates being so. Tied to a fate that sees him on the throne, married, producing heirs–it’s not the life he wants. His father often views him as a failure and the kingdom often views him as a coward. He rarely comes out of his tower. Opportunity arises for him to prove his worth to his father and possibly earn his respect. As he undertakes the task, he finds a secret to his lineage that will change the kingdom forever. More importantly, it’s going to put him on the same path as Talen, where they will both enter the Veiled Haven and find that all kinds of temptation await them.

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  1. I like the way this sounds: two different forces (people) working together for a common goal. I hope the story is as good as it sounds. Keep me in mind for a copy of the book, I’ll be here. I’m looking forward to reading this, so, again, PLEASE keep me in mind. I know you’ve got the talent to make this book a success, so let’s see what you can do with it!

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