The Sun shines to blind

When you stare too long at the sun, it hurts your eyes, sometimes beyond repair. The same can be said about anything you might do in life.

You stare too long at the void, the void consumes you. We all have our voids. They are invisible to everyone else, but we see them just fine. Sometimes we escape into the voids to escape the world. Sometimes the voids take us by surprise and we are powerless to stop them. You become blind to the transition after a while. The biggest void of them all that is somehow satisfying and fulfilling is your routine. And lord knows, we all have our routines. Sometimes, the routine is so casual, almost blind to us, that we don’t even realize we are on a routine. And why do I call our routines a void? Because a void is full of nothingness. When your life becomes a routine, you are basically living inside nothingness now. There’s no change. Nothing new. It’s boring and carefully orchestrated. Who wants that?

Think about when you get up each morning. What do you do first? Bathroom, food, shower, take dogs out, run around the house crazy? Somewhere in between all of that you might go to work, or maybe you work from home. Where does the routine start and when does it end? Notice how I said “where” and “when”. I say where does the routine start because it’s not a question of when, you already know when it starts. When you wake up. I want to know where does it start. In your bedroom, in the kitchen, or in the bathroom? But then you could argue that the routine starts the moment you wake up so that would be a debate over the when and not the where. But I still think it’s more important to know where it starts rather than when. Because if the routine you’re on is causing you stress and anxiety, figuring out the where is the way to cracking the routine wide open and exposing yourself to change. Knowing when it starts will have little impact on the changes you make. Say for instance you wake up and immediately take a shower. Your routine starts in the bathroom. You take a shower every day at 6 a.m. The where and the when, but notice how it’s the location that matters more than the time. Now, let’s say you decide to take showers at night rather than when you wake up. A change has occurred. Now what will you do to fill that 6 a.m. time slot? You wake up, maybe go to the bathroom, which is a normal function after sleep. But it’s 6 a.m. what are you going to do? Eat breakfast? Take the dogs out? Head to work a little earlier? See, only the location changes, not the when. You’re either doing something at 6 a.m. or you’re not. That’s why I said where comes before when.

Now, onto when. When does your routine end? We know that our routines end when we get home. So we have the where established, we don’t need to analyze it or change that. You won’t be ending your routine at the beach, unless you live on the beach. Most people have their routines end when they go to sleep. But sleep is a part of our day no matter what. Your routine ends when you do that last thing that you do. See how tiresome being on a routine can be? Putting so much thought and effort into keeping a routine, and if you deviate the slightest, you are confused as shit. The where becomes an obstacle and the when becomes irrelevant.


One thought on “The Sun shines to blind

  1. We all have routines, that’s true. Our routines start when we wake up, and end when we go to bed. Our routines can change, sometimes daily, sometimes weekly, sometimes longer, but our routines are just that, routines. Whether or not they change is determined by us, and how we wish to change them. To better ourselves, change is sometimes necessary in order to make our routines better and our lives easier. If we want things in our lives easier, we must be willing to accept the fact that even a little change in our routines can help us make things better. For example, if instead of buying that cup of coffee in the morning, you buy a Lottery ticket, you can maybe win enough money to pay off bills and get yourself things you’ve been wanting for so long. If you wait a little longer to go out to the store, you may find that what you want to buy will be more available. These are just examples of how a change in your routine can be good for you.

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