How I got into books

I was exposed to books from an early age. Since my grandparents had a lot of the classics like Dickens and Shakespeare, and no children’s books, I read those. In fact, I became ravenous with books. I clearly remember being 3 and reading through a Tale of Two Cities and then picking up the very old red book of the complete works of Shakespeare and reading Hamlet. My mother had told me I would read The New York Times as a child. I read through all of my grandparents’ encyclopedias. I read through the dictionary multiple times. I was obsessed with words. There was a thirst and hunger for knowledge and words. That’s when my love of philosophy sprang from as well. I was that type of child that questioned everything. Never settled for the answers I was given. I had to search and discover them myself.  

I was actually very obsessed with Shakespeare the most. I loved the language and the style of writing. I think it has influenced my own writing. I don’t write like other writers do. Perhaps I will be scorned and ridiculed like Shakespeare was. 

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