You can’t please everyone

No matter what you do, someone will hate you or say nasty things about you. You can brush that off your shoulder or you can come at them swinging the bat. Regardless of your approach, it eats away at you. 

I often wonder why I bothered writing at all. And then I think, I just want to write so I can have physical books of my writing. It’s for my happiness. I don’t care about pleasing anyone. I don’t care about having fans. I believe this is going to change a lot of things as I move forward with writing. So, people will hate my books and I suppose that’s fine. I never set out to please anyone. 

Writing books is a very tiring process. From start to finish, you battle yourself as to why you are writing the damn thing. After it’s finished, you wonder what you could have done better. A writer is their own worst critic. But it’s even worse if someone else points out exactly what you already knew. Somehow, knowing your flaws and trying to say you are flawless, gives you more of a headache than writing the book. All in all, you won’t and will never please everyone. At the very least, be satisfied that you finished the damn thing.

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