Is it possible to write an entire novel in 3 days?

So I have commissioned myself to write a book in 3 days. Will I succeed? Well, I do have the layout for it, so writing 320 pages should be easy. Right? Well, if you are writing a sequel to a book, then it can go either way. Fast or slow. If you are writing a brand new story, it can also go fast or slow, but I find writing a new story takes me longer because I don’t always know where the story is heading. With a sequel, I generally know the ending to the entire series, so I have a better understanding of the characters and what is going to happen as I write to reach that final end.

I would say that I probably won’t write this book in 3 days, but I do want to try. Today is marked as my official first day of writing the book. Tomorrow will be my second and Saturday will be the third day. I am skipping Friday because I have to work and don’t think I will get writing done that day. I have actually got around 100 pages done so far, but that is from previously working on the story over a year ago. And there is lots of editing to do. Right now, I am considering a completed story done in 3 days minus the edit. Will update when it is completed, or not. 

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