Earth is changing

With what is happening in Australia with their fires, it does make one wonder how much is the Earth changing and how much worse will it become? While humans are part of the blame, we cannot stop Nature or tell the Earth not to evolve. I think if humans ever became that powerful, we’d be in serious trouble. That would be borderline tapping into Creator powers. Or all of those Marvel and DC comics would be a reality. And there’s a frightening thought. Still, it pains me deeply to know animals are dying. But I also believe in a balance and respecting Nature, even though I disagree with it.

I am not a vegan, so that is not where my love of animals comes from. I respect animals and I respect the circle we are all part of. So that means I will wear leather, fur, or anything made from an animal. I eat beef, chicken, dairy, and I am not disrespecting animals by doing so. Everything in Nature takes and gives. Even the vegetables we take from the ground. Do they deserve to be plucked and washed and cooked? Everything we are given is grown and devoured in one way or another. Now, if humans never existed, the circle would still be ongoing. Animals and plants would dominate the world in place of us. It’s the same cycle. Should we call a tiger or lion cruel because it eats gazelle or a pig? We may feel bad for the prey, but it’s the way of things. I’m not going to get very scientific or defend meat-eaters and veggie-eaters. We are all guilty of taking from Nature in one way or another. Everything manufactured came from some element found in Nature. What concerns me is how much Earth is changing? And what does it mean for the cycle in Nature?

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