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Everyone knows, whether non-religious or religious people, that Lucifer is the Devil, the one who fell, controls Hell, and is extremely beautiful and manipulating.  You get it. On the show Lucifer, he is played by the very gorgeous Tom Ellis. Now while I love the show, and sadly Netflix is giving it only one more season, my biggest beef with it is: Lucifer is not God’s favorite and isn’t God’s first angel. Now, the show is based on Neil Gaiman’s Sandman and Lucifer comics. That’s DC property by the way as well. In the comics, in the DC universe, Lucifer is second in power compared to the Presence (aka God, Yahweh). He is also God’s first creation. The angel loved above all others. The angel that has the most free will despite him believing he is living through God’s (his dad’s plan). The only angel closest to him in power is Michael. Together, the universe keeps on spinning, for all intents and purposes. Lucifer can actually create universes. Him and Michael’s powers are linked, but Lucifer is still the most powerful. In the show, Amenadiel is a warrior angel and is proclaimed as first born and God’s favorite. That is a big change that makes no sense. Why change something so crucial like that? It is in direct contrast to everything we know about Lucifer, between the comics, DC universe, and just life in general. I really have a hard time managing my disappointment and anger towards this change. Perhaps as they introduce God in the last season, it will be revealed that Lucifer is God’s favorite and first born. I just don’t know why Fox, who originally made the show, never thought this was a bad idea to change the most important key part of the story. 

In the show, Lucifer lights the flaming sword, aka Azrael’s blade, the angel of death. Lucifer is the lightbringer. Everything points to him being the most powerful of the angels and a special one, but they continue to throw down our throats that Amenadiel is. Lucifer also uses the sword, through his powers, to create a universe for his mother, the Goddess of Creation to enter and not cause any more chaos or death on Earth. Amenadiel can’t do that. Thus proving that Lucifer is the most powerful. The show contradicts itself over and over and it’s really annoying. Also who they cast for Azrael was incredibly terrible casting. A girl. Angels are male. And the angel of death is not dorky or nerdy looking. He is the most menacing looking one and would certainly intimidate the bravest of souls. We also know that Michael is the only angel to knowingly have made nephilim. That’s never brought up. But we all suspect that Lucifer can procreate with humans as well. The show has so many flaws, but it’s still enjoyable and Tom Ellis nails it. He could convince me he is the real Devil. Most people can overlook things like the ones I mentioned, but if you want to remain true to the source, you should not change things that are extremely important facts. It’s bad enough that Disney destroyed the Marvel characters by not following the most important fact in the Avengers. Thanos can’t die because Death is in love with him. He killed half of the universe to impress her and get her attention because of his love for her. Why would you change the story that much? I believe comics and books should stop being made into movies and shows unless they can remain true to the characters and story. It is very disrespectful to the people who spent the time developing those stories. Wanting a quick blockbuster doesn’t mean change the entire thing. People are fans of what comes before the movie. And people expect to see the things they read about. You can’t include every single little thing, but like I said–some things you don’t mess around with. I hope that this last season is done right. I’d hate to see Lucifer end and not give it a good farewell.

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