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Darkness Rising boxed set officially live

Let me tell you a little about my character Dante Aerllius from my book Dark Lust in Darkness Rising. He is of royal Fae blood, born of the Light Fae and is very reckless and egotistical. He used to be a womanizer until he had to swear off sex because it started to complicate his life. He is very interested in the human world and refuses to dress in Fae clothes or royal clothes. He has a weakness but I cannot tell you who or what that is because I’d be giving away a huge piece of the plot and main premise. He is having a difficult time with the past of his father and the rest of his line. Ghosts of the past always haunt us, and for Dante, they are going to bite him on the ass one day. He doesn’t realize that his special magic comes with a huge price tag. He doesn’t realize how much trouble he is putting himself into or what catastrophe awaits his world and the human world by ignoring the darkness rising within him.

Here is an excerpt from Dark Lust where there is a very tense moment between Dante and his newfound love Hailey Yuneberry.

“Don’t be mad at me,” Hailey says to Dante.
“I’m not mad at you. You have no idea what is happening. Someone did something to you. We are going to find out who and what. We will fix this. I will fix this.”
“Because you like me?” She slowly moves over to him, trying to look seductive.
“Don’t start.” A slight smile forms on him.
“Oh, no,” Richie says in the background.
Dante is about to ask what is happening, when Hailey seizes his hand. “It’s okay to admit that you like me.”
“I don’t like you.”

She takes her hand and lets her fingers crawl up from his stomach to his chest. “No, you lust after me. Which is way hotter. I am tempted to take you to that bedroom right now.” Her mouth opens and her fingers crawl around his neck. Her lips are getting closer to his.
“Shit. Dante we have a problem,” Richie says.
Dante clears his throat as Hailey pushes off from him. “What is it?” Dante feels around his throat, around his chest.

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