Back to the Future

The first one is of course a good one. It’s the introduction to the series. But Back to the Future 3 is something special. Maybe it’s because it’s a completely new setting. The first two movies bounce back and forth between 1955 and 1985 too much. The third one is all about the old west. The music is cool too. With the exception of Clara Clayton which I thought was a poor addition to the movie, the movie I think is the best of the three. The second movie is definitely at the bottom. It got really bloated and annoying. The best part about the second movie was the end where Marty realizes there’s only one person who can help him. Then he comes running down the street and freaks out Doc saying he’s back from the future. It’s one of my favorite film franchise that I think can be watched over and over without getting bored. All three movies are currently on Netflix and I aim to have a Back to the Future marathon soon. The saddest part about the ending of the franchise is that the time machine does get destroyed. I think it’s fitting but at the same time upsetting. Would have been better to see it somehow kept it a secret somewhere, as a reminder of what happened. Something Marty could look back on. I didn’t think turning the diesel into a time machine was the coolest, but it’s alright. Just wanted to share how much I love this franchise. Anyone who hasn’t seen the movies, do watch them. You’ll enjoy them.

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