The Alienist

I really enjoyed season 1 of the Alienist. Season 2 has been somewhat of a letdown. The writing isn’t as tight, although there are moments of good scenes.

SPOILERS AHEAD: Skip over this part if you don’t want to know what happens.

The killer who is a deranged woman, feeling abandonment issues due to her own family, had a daughter and is then briefly reunited with her. She is stealing babies and killing them. I thought that the character idea was a perfect villain for the series, but it could have been better. The main characters Kriezler, Sara, and John, weren’t really working together like they were in season 1. There was some diversions which kept them working alone or with others, which is fine, but I wanted to see that team up at the end. It just wasn’t there. The characters were divided. And the real blow was not seeing Sara and John end up together. Unless there is a twist, I don’t know. I haven’t read the books and the author is writing more. Maybe something happens where they do end up together. It was a huge disappointment since they have sex and confess being in love with each other. He is engaged and tells Sara that his wife-to-be is pregnant. I feel like we were given a sad ending, unless they continue the show with a season 3.

Over all, the killer wasn’t as great as the one from season 1. Character development was better in season 1. The characters took greater care with each other in season 1. All season 2 brought was further venturing into the minds of serial killers and how chaotic New York was pre-1900s. I enjoyed it but it didn’t keep me glued to my screen like season 1 did. 


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