New Series, New Genre

I have had a lot of pushback on my finishing series. It’s all my fault, and I’m going to be changing how I write. Meaning, being more serious. And above all, sticking to my deadlines. If I were traditionally published, I’d probably be fired for me never making deadlines. Then again, if I were traditionally published, I’d be making enough money that I could sit home and write all day. I know every writer says the same thing: Make time. Easier said than done.

But I am excited to say that I am sticking to my vow, my solemn promise to finish all open series and begin my new one. Let me tell you a little bit about the new series. First, there will be a sort of prequel/spinoff before the main series starts. Why? Well, because I wanted to introduce the sort of antagonists before I introduce the said hero, which Cameron Drake is not, but he is in the eyes of the universe (gonna stop there because I’ll spoil the entire series if I continue). So I’m doing a small series called The Time Warriors. It will be three books and it features the main character Jexy. She is half human-half alien. She is part of an elite group of people known as the time warriors, who are like police that patrol the universe looking for anyone who is manipulating time. See, the people she works for are masters of time and space. They use time for their own personal, greedy endeavors and no one says a thing because.. well they are supreme beings. You can imagine there are lots of people out in the universe that want to be able to manipulate time. The infamous thief Cameron Drake will have his own series which is meant to be at least 6 or 7 books right now, and he will be making an appearance in The Time Warriors books.

I don’t want to keep talking about this because I know I’ll spoil things. The official synopsis will be revealed in my newsletter since that is where I do big updates on my book. And then I make the announcement on Facebook, although lately I’ve been making announcements first on Facebook. Be sure to sign up for my newsletter and follow me on Facebook too so you can stay up to date on this exciting new adventure. I am very geeked up to be tackling a sci-fi adventure story that fits perfectly into dark fantasy.

2 thoughts on “New Series, New Genre

  1. From what you’ve said, The Time Warriors sounds really interesting. I wonder though: are they going to be like Time Police who monitor time portals to catch people or beings, threatening the flow of time, or are they going to be time travelers, who travel through time just for fun? Well, whatever the case, it should be interesting to see what you do, and how you set things up. A word of caution: don’t overdo things too much. You may get readers who like things like that, but most readers (myself included) can do without a lot of drawn out characters and/or situations that don’t do anything but bog down a story.

    1. Considering it is a prequel to the main story, it will showcase all of the enemies and foreshadow a lot to come, but it’s very fast-paced. Things don’t get drawn out too much. It’s like Star Wars and Star Trek having a baby.

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