Rising from the Flames

The Phoenix is said to be fictional, mythological, but I believe it is with us. It has amazing representation for anyone who feels connected to it. Although my spirit animal is a wolf, I feel like the phoenix best represents how I feel about life in general. An animal that dies and from its ashes becomes renewed–is a powerful feeling.

I have seen my author career like the phoenix for some time now. Just when I want to quit and accept failure, I remember this magical bird and allow myself to rise. Call it stupid or naive, but I think I can be successful; to have that amount of success I have always wanted. Happiness takes on many forms, and for some it’s having a lot of money, lovers, big houses, islands, fancy clothes, fancy meals, and/or fame. They all go hand-in-hand, I suppose. Where I want money and fame, certainly, I want to be happy in life. Going from no financial hardship to financial hardship scrambles your sanity around. The lifestyle you were used to; suddenly you are thrown at the wolves. What do you do? Let them kill you, or rise above and live? I choose the latter. And so, like the phoenix, I believe every failure of mine will have me rising higher to where I achieve my goals. I will become anew, with stronger determination and a stronger constitution. I’ll take my failures and make them into successes.

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