Lucifer season 6 (final season)

I watched the first episode of Lucifer season 1 dozens of times before it officially appeared on TV. The show is addictive with an amazing cast, the storylines, and big reveals on some of the divine. When the show was cancelled by Fox and picked up by Netflix, we got a very different show. There was cursing, nudity, a little more violence, and of course better special effects. I wish it had been a Netflix show all along. But season 6 was very unnecessary. It felt like bits of episodes from season 5 that were cut out or were suggested but never made it into season 5. Then we get season 6 and it’s 10 episodes, which we should have got 5 episodes because we didn’t any of this dragged on. It didn’t even end how fans hoped it would, so it wasn’t fan service. The ending, while heartwarming and gut-wrenching at the same time; we could have done with out it for what purpose it served. If anything, we could have received an hour long bonus episode of Lucifer coming to terms with being God or giving it up, like he does in this last season. This last season just made me feel empty about the show. And it’s very sad. Spoiler, there are a lot of sad moments. Season 5 ended with a happy tone, and that’s how it should have been left. Anyway, that’s my opinion.

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