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My Journey as an Author Part 3

My writing has been moving along, not how I wanted, but moving regardless. I published the sequel to Night First, which I’m glad about. I am more satisfied with the cover than the story, but I think that’s because it’s been 6 years since I published a sequel to Night First. My goal to publish 2 or 4 books a month isn’t working out, but I haven’t lost hope that I will. Getting the third and final book out for The Divinity of Damien Calla is the hurtle holding me back. But I am hard at work writing the third book titled Dark Reign. I was going to cut the page count, but now I’m thinking I should keep it at 250 pages. But if I feel like Damien’s story is going to end on less pages, then I will cut it. I am not holding onto any previous goals for Damien’s story. He knows when it needs to end.

I do profess that I don’t do “happy endings”, but for Damien (spoiler) I give him a happy ending. I put him through a lot of crap and I can’t let him have a sad ending. I had already decided that when I first began the story 6 years ago. It may be the only story of mine that gets a true happy ending.

The number 22 has been my favorite number. I can’t say why. I am hoping that because it’s 2022 that it will be golden year. The year I make it as a successful author who can write full time and I reach my goal of having multiple books ready each month. Here is to the song in my heart, the movie in my mind, the book I live in, and the art that brings it all together.

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