About Me

Welcome! Jennifer is a Dark Fantasy author who started out writing short stories as a kid, then shifted to writing screenplays as a young adult. When she ended up writing over twenty pages of a backstory to her screenplay Goval, she decided to write a novel version of it. From there, she realized being an author was her true career path. She does not write “happy endings”, but she writes believable endings. Sometimes the bad win, sometimes the good win.
She was part of a boxed set that reached #127 on the USA Today Bestselling list, allowing her to put that coveted tag before her name, although she still feels she should earn it on her own.
Although she writes Dark Fantasy, she does dabble in YA Fantasy, Paranormal Romance, and Children’s horror stories.

When not writing, she spends her time taking sunset pictures, enjoying Nature, playing with her animals, watching YouTube, and reading about science. Her favorite animal is the wolf. She has a fear of the dark because she knows what lives inside it. She is from New York and does believe it is the center of the world.