About Me

Jennifer is a fantasy author who grew up writing short stories, then switched to screenplays. When the backstories to her first screenplay reached over a hundred pages, she decided to write a novel version. Seeing how broad and limitless her stories could be, she decided to pursue novel writing as her career. She is not known for traditional “happy endings”. Instead, she brings believable endings by having reality and fantasy clash in a magical and daring way.

Being surrounded by inspiration and storytelling in the form of music, movies, art, and books from birth, her imagination has been nonstop, and she is very much in her own mind and thoughts most of the time. Reading her stories, you will find yourself flying on a dragon, riding the high seas, sneaking into goblin cities, falling in love with a handsome fairy prince, or sharing a young girl’s adventure fighting against an ancient evil.

When not writing, Jennifer enjoys paranormal videos on YouTube, being out in Nature, playing with her animals, science, and philosophy.