About Me

Jennifer Ann Schlag is a USA Today Bestselling  author who takes reality and smashes it into fantasy and lets things fall where they may. She is from New York and wouldn’t want to live anywhere else. Before becoming an author, she wanted to be a filmmaker or a scientist. All of her books have been in the top 100 of multiple genres on Amazon, and the boxed set she was in reached #127 on the USA Today Bestselling list. She wrote short stories as a kid which led her to writing screenplays, and eventually novels. Inspiration comes easy to her and she is thankful for a very over active imagination so she can keep up with her crazy characters.

When not writing, she can often be found sitting by the water taking sunset pictures, while also tuning up our old-aged philosophical questions. She has an infinite amount of love for animals, especially wolves. She donates to various animal charities and is known for having a wolf present in some of her stories. Much like the phoenix rises from the ashes, Jennifer doesn’t see failure as the end; but as the beginning of something new.