About me


I am a dark-fantasy writer that likes to take reality and smash it into fantasy and let things fall where they may. Although I see myself as more of a visual storyteller (filmmaker/screenwriter), I am ultimately a storyteller. I started out writing short stories to entertain myself and my friends, which progressed into writing screenplays. Then, after wanting to expand on my stories and the characters, I decided to try novel writing. My parents did not share my passion of wanting to make movies and writing stories as a career, so I abandoned it for a while. But it came back to me. Some things are meant to be and they will always find a way to be together. 

I have an infinite amount of love for animals, especially wolves. Every story of mine features a wolf in some way.

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Happy endings are a matter of perspective. My stories may not appeal to the readers looking for only that. But be assured, you will find something to tickle your fancy. In my stories roles often get reversed. Sometimes there are no heroes or villains. I don’t plan ahead when I write because the story needs to feel like it’s actually happening for me. When the story ends, it ends. I find my inspiration from everything around me. My passion for philosophy and psychology often plays huge in my stories. Whether you like or dislike my books, I know I have succeeded if I got a reaction from you.