Heir of Dragmoore

My newest series will be starting on March 19th. Hard at work making sure the story is good enough by then. It’s a special series for me to write because it’s the first time I’m tackling one of my favorite mythical creatures: Dragons. Well, I believe they are real or were real at one point. … More Heir of Dragmoore

All good things

I have my boxed set coming out this week. I am working on getting the sequel to the book that is in the boxed set done. I am re-publishing my first novel with a new cover and deleted content. I have created my landing page and a welcome email with a free book attached. My … More All good things

A New Day

The best kinds of stories are told when you put the least amount of effort in. The reason is because if you are doing all the work, then you aren’t telling the story true to its heart. When you let the story talk to you, then you are being faithful to its contents. Don’t rush … More A New Day