The Alienist

I really enjoyed season 1 of the Alienist. Season 2 has been somewhat of a letdown. The writing isn’t as tight, although there are moments of good scenes. SPOILERS AHEAD: Skip over this part if you don’t want to know what happens. The killer who is a deranged woman, feeling abandonment issues due to her … More The Alienist

Back to the Future

The first one is of course a good one. It’s the introduction to the series. But Back to the Future 3 is something special. Maybe it’s because it’s a completely new setting. The first two movies bounce back and forth between 1955 and 1985 too much. The third one is all about the old west. … More Back to the Future

Lucifer show

Everyone knows, whether non-religious or religious people, that Lucifer is the Devil, the one who fell, controls Hell, and is extremely beautiful and manipulating.¬† You get it. On the show Lucifer, he is played by the very gorgeous Tom Ellis. Now while I love the show, and sadly Netflix is giving it only one more … More Lucifer show

Earth is changing

With what is happening in Australia with their fires, it does make one wonder how much is the Earth changing and how much worse will it become? While humans are part of the blame, we cannot stop Nature or tell the Earth not to evolve. I think if humans ever became that powerful, we’d be … More Earth is changing