Titles and Synopsis

First book from one of the boxed sets. The Crimson Shadow I am not sure about this being part of a series. Maybe a sequel, but that’s it.  Synopsis: Dr. Falcon is the best neurosurgeon that New York Presbyterian Hospital can ask for. But he has one secret that unfortunately Sally, the new RN, stumbles upon … More Titles and Synopsis

My Magnum Opus

Like Stephen King’s Magnum Opus is The Dark Tower series, I feel like mine is The Goval series. It started out as a screenplay and became a novel. I feel that Goval is my greatest creation because it is the first serious story I wrote and there is still a lot of story to tell. … More My Magnum Opus


Doing a collaboration can be fun; sometimes it can reveal things about your writing that you never saw before.  I’m doing a collaboration with a good friend of mine who is a fresh indie author. She is fantastic at telling romance. I have this idea for a one-off romance story that I know she will … More Collaboration

New book

I have a new book called Murder at Danbury Estate, which is a murder/mystery novel. Anyone who is a fan of Agatha Christie and Sherlock Holmes— it has that feel to it and plays some homage to those classic stories. The relationship between the lead detective and his partner reminds me of Sherlock Holmes and … More New book


It’s my favorite time of the year. I love the colors. I love the chill that nips at your feet when you think you can still wear sandals without consequences. I love sweaters. I’m a jeans and sweater type of girl. And my bearpaw boots, lovvvvvvve them. They are the perfect kind of shoe to … More Autumn

New Year 2017

Day one into the new year and at least I’m doing a bit of writing. I am starting some new stories while some are being finished up that were delayed. It’s good to start the new year off with goals. It takes determination to see those goals come to life. The sequel to Night First … More New Year 2017


It’s the month of my birthday on the 12th and it’s when Christmas comes around. It’s also that magical time of one year ending and another beginning. That’s how I feel about my writing right now. These stories that I’m desperately trying to finish before the end of December and get them published are stories … More December