Clockwise Station



She never should have got on that train

Everything was taken from her. Now Jolie is determined to find out why, no matter what the cost may be. With her poor sense of direction and lack of better judgment, she finds trouble. Hope rises when she bumps into her neighbor Chris, who was also a close friend of hers. Although she senses he is holding something back, he vows he can brings her safely to Hub to find the answers she seeks. She has no other choice but to trust him.

Being chased by gem smugglers, Jolie and Chris board the train at Clockwise Station. Immediately after, she is shot at, nearly thrown off, and almost strangled to death. With her suspicions of Chris rising, she makes a decision that she may regret.

Upon hearing a grizzly truth about her family, Jolie must choose her allies carefully or risk more than her own life.