Celtic Blossoms Press

Book Cover Designer/Publisher

The Design Process Is Never The Same For Every Cover

Book Cover Idea

I usually get ideas for a book cover by the story concept itself, but sometimes it comes to me while writing the book. Characters’ personalities often have an impact on the cover design as well. It all comes down to what the cover has to reflect. Is it a moment? Is it a foreboding? Or is it just the idea behind the idea? Meaning: if a story is about fairies, do I need to create a cover with fairies, or is a magical forest enough? A fairy on the cover does invoke the idea of the story, but so does the magical forest. The forest is the idea behind the idea method I apply, when needed.

Book Cover Design

Once I have a clear path with the book cover idea, I begin the design process. I play around with stock images, sometimes I draw (I’m still learning a lot about photoshop and how to draw on there), and I mash everything together to make an eye-catching cover. Creating a cover can take days to weeks. I always save my main file as PSDs so that I can make changes readily. A lot of people don’t realize how tedious it is shading, warping images, fiddling around with colors, just to make the perfect cover. Literally, anyone can throw a couple of images together and BAM, the birth of a book cover. Now you have to ask if it’s marketable. Although you can hire a professional designer, you should try to create one of your own. It’s a rewarding process to know you were even more involved in your book. I take pride in making my covers, even the ones that didn’t look good. Believe me, I had a lot of those in the beginning. But I’ve grown. My skills are improving.

More About Celtic Blossoms Press

All indie authors are expected to have some kind of representation. It makes us look more professional. We can start our own publishing company. It can be just a name we make up. I chose Celtic Blossoms Press. Formerly known as Starlight Den. It is what I use for my publishing logo as well as my author logo. I’m Irish and I decided to use the tree of life designed in a Celtic manner in order to be closer to my roots. As a firm believer in the connection we have to Nature and the Universe, I strongly support Nature and science, and the energies both bring to us. I believe Celtic Blossoms Press will bring those energies to you all through my stories.

I love the cover. My daughter even complimented on it when it came in.

Author R.L. Smith