Celtic Blossoms Press

Why did I start this?

I wanted to make myself, as an author, as unique as I could be. Also, indie authors creating a publisher makes us look professional. I decided on Celtic Blossoms Press, because I am Irish and I like Celtic stuff. I love flowers so I chose the word blossoms (which I also think is a form of rebirth), and I added the word press to make it sound more professional. I think the name, overall, fits with the genre I write.

Book Cover Idea

I try to design my own covers because it gets expensive hiring a designer. I think I’m getting better at using Photoshop. I’ve designed a few of my covers and I really enjoy the process. Usually, a story idea gives me an idea on how the cover will look, but sometimes it’s mere browsing Depositphotos that inspires me.

I do not do this to make money, therefore, I do not offer any cover design services.

I designed this as a favor to an author friend of mine.

I love the cover. My daughter even complimented on it when it came in.

Author R.L. Smith