Changes to blog

I have decided to only do a blog post once a month. I feel like that is more than enough to update on whatever I am working on or releasing. Doing a weekly blog when I don’t have much to talk about seems pointless. Where I do have my newsletter that I am going to … More Changes to blog

A New Day

The best kinds of stories are told when you put the least amount of effort in. The reason is because if you are doing all the work, then you aren’t telling the story true to its heart. When you let the story talk to you, then you are being faithful to its contents. Don’t rush … More A New Day

The Last Excerpt

It’s time to give up the last excerpt for the Damien Calla series. I am not going to say if it is from the 2nd or 3rd book. You will just have to read them to find out. Here it is. Damien walked the halls of his house for what seemed like the last time. … More The Last Excerpt

Cover Reveal

Here is the cover for Illuminated Darkness: The Divinity of Damien Calla Book Two. Done by a very talented woman K.M. Jenkins at Magical Designs. She has really brought two versions of Damien to light for me. Really captured the emotion he is feeling in both the second and third book. But here it is. … More Cover Reveal

Character Profiles (Damien Calla)

A lot of writers like to plan out all their book, including backstories, and character profiles so you can better understand the character. Here is Damien Calla’s profile. Name: Damien Calla. Age: 32. Nationality: Unknown. Hometown: The Northern Kingdom (over a hundred thousands years ago). Occupation: Investor/Entrepreneur. Talents/skills: Mysterious, handsome (those two things are enough … More Character Profiles (Damien Calla)

Titles and Synopsis

First book from one of the boxed sets. The Crimson Shadow I am not sure about this being part of a series. Maybe a sequel, but that’s it.  Synopsis: Dr. Falcon is the best neurosurgeon that New York Presbyterian Hospital can ask for. But he has one secret that unfortunately Sally, the new RN, stumbles upon … More Titles and Synopsis

My Magnum Opus

Like Stephen King’s Magnum Opus is The Dark Tower series, I feel like mine is The Goval series. It started out as a screenplay and became a novel. I feel that Goval is my greatest creation because it is the first serious story I wrote and there is still a lot of story to tell. … More My Magnum Opus