The Divinity of Damien Calla

He will shake the foundation of the Divine to keep her safe.

He liked to throw a party once a month, to keep up the appearance of a good, sociable neighbor, but Damien preferred being alone in peace and quiet. And for good reason.

His peaceful life is uprooted when family and old friends resurface with the intent to bring torment and misery to him. Unable to directly strike them down, he is forced to take action another way. Especially now that he met her; the only person he is tempted to tell his secrets to. He can’t let her see him as a monster, no matter the bloodshed that follows him.

Wicked dark gods, betrayal, and blossoming love, Night First will bring you into the world of the Divine in a most unique way. Perfect for readers looking to satiate their love of dark fantasy, and slow-burn romance.