The Divinity of Damien Calla

Damien Calla is rich, handsome, and loves his peace and quiet. His life quickly becomes a whirlwind of chaos as family and enemies resurface, threatening to take away all that he has.

As trust is misplaced, he guards his precious secrets even more. His learns that his fate now hangs somewhere between the light and the dark.

By opening himself up to love-his greatest distraction yet-he may have just handed himself over to those who will stop at nothing to claim him.

By revealing his secrets and denying who he really is, Damien has started a war on both sides of Divinity, and has put the love of his life Annabel right in the crosshairs. His existence on the earthly plane has run its course. Heaven or Hell must claim him.

But a certain dark god, who gave Damien his immortality, has a secret of her own which puts Damien’s fate into her hands.

When Annabel is kidnapped by the dark god Asha, Damien must confront his true self and accept what was always meant to be, if he has any chance of saving her. To bring things back into the correct motion, and end the war, he will have to take the plunge into eternal darkness where a light waits at the end to bring him to his destiny.