The Divinity of Damien Calla


Life begins when you first realize how soon it ends.

Damien Calla is rich, handsome, and loves his peace and quiet.

His life quickly becomes a whirlwind of chaos as the loyalty of family and friends is questioned, trust is misplaced, and enemies surface. His secrets will force him to make difficult decisions that will either save or sacrifice lives.

Those that are coming for him will not leave empty-handed, which for Damien means he will lose everything.

What Anne Rice started, Jennifer Schlag continues. Beings of good and evil with unique personalities that spill onto the page, making the reader care more about the person than about whether they have fangs. An excellent read.”

       — Rob Horner 

“I chose to read this book because it was something that I would not normally read and I am happy that I did. Beautifully and well written. Held my attention, and definitely a page turner. Highly recommend! Can’t wait to read more from this author!”

— Aln76

“I strongly recommend. Looking forward to more from this author.”

— Robert N Lewis Jr. 

“The dynamic of the characters came alive in this story. Well written, nicely paced, I tend to prefer sets to be a smide shorter but it didnt take anything away. Looking forward to next in series. Recommend this read…oh Damien….”

— K.L. Laettner