USA Today Bestseller!

Darkness Rising, the boxed set I am in has made it to number 127 on the USA Today Bestseller list. It’s a wonderful feeling and I aim to make it on there again with one of my future books. More than boasting and bragging about being on the list, it shows that dreams can come true and that chasing dreams isn’t insane. Never accept someone telling you it can’t be done. I was so stressed that we wouldn’t make it, but we did. Let that stress be a motivation for you. Use it to bring positive vibes. Don’t let it bring you down. 

My set mates and I are very thankful to everyone who bought our set. We couldn’t have imagined that that many people responded like they did. You never know how a new release is going to turn out. You can only hope it goes well. Where I do not have a following and most of my set mates have tons of followers and a huge newsletter, I’d like to know that my small newsletter list helped get us sales. I want to believe that I did help the set achieve this. I can’t wait to put this beautiful string of words next to my name on my future covers. 

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